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the recovering perfectionist

It's official. I'm finally breaking up with perfectionism.

Hi, I’m Cara, and I’m a recovering perfectionist.

Picture this, the A grade student always striving to be the best - crying when she just missed the 100% mark (yes, seriously!). I spent years like goldilocks, mulling over things and over until they were ‘just right’.

36 years on this earth it’s taken me to finally come to the realization that actually striving to be ‘a little better than yesterday’, is way more productive than trying to be perfect.

My 2023 was spent as a ‘yes woman’.


YES, to crazy deadlines, YES to impromptu work projects, YES to all-nighters.

This led to a hell of a load of sleepless nights and one grumpy wife with a

permanent F-off face.

The result: Petty arguments with my husband and an immune system that took a long vacation.

LESSON LEARNT: make yourself a priority and never underestimate the power of saying NO.

2024 vibes is about empowering ME.

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